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Les Bras Cassés[lvl 3] recrutent hdv 8/9/10 niv 75 min /troupes 5

Discussion dans 'Niv 50 à 84' créé par checkit78660, 12 Octobre 2015.

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  1. checkit78660

    checkit78660 Archer

    12 Octobre 2015
    Les Bras Cassés
    Niveau du clan:
    Rang de Clan:
    Chef adjoint
    Champion II
    #1 checkit78660, 12 Octobre 2015
    Dernière édition par un modérateur: 4 Décembre 2015
    Clan level 4 > for a moment we need to recruit town hall 7 min level max 50

    for townhall lvl8....
    >donate troops on a regular basis.
    >Age: min 18 min
    >Townhall: 8 min
    >Archers :level 5
    >Wizards:Level 5 (obligatory)
    >Dragons:Level 3 (recommanded)
    >Pekka:Level 2 (minimum)

    GDC war bases ready

    What else can you tell me about "Les Bras Cassés"
    > We are mostly France based but we accept everybody who speak french or english
    >We have between 20 and 54 years !
    > We are english speaking for most of them
    > We expect all members to be friendly, active and mature.
    >Starting War at 8 p.m( Paris european time)

    How do I earn a promotion to Elder?
    >After a little presentation..

    For other promotion
    > Donate mininum 500 troops on a regular basis for other p

    What are the rules for War?
    >No war if your King or Queen are not available
    > The Leader and Co-Leaders will usually assign strategy based on the current enemy
    We try to assign closest to the level for each warrior.
    > If no specific strategy is set... use the face to face warrior
    > Communication during war is very important.
    > All members should be flexible and able to change strategy based on the current situation.
    > Both 2 attacks must be used.
    > First attack should be made in the first 12 hours.
    > All members make efforts to donate what is requested during war. This includes both War Castles and Clan Castles.

    Only high level troops are placed in War Castles
    Dragons 3 and better if available,
    Archers 5,
    Wizards 5 are good for our protection!

    Others specific demands can be acceptable.

    > Recruiting of new players is closed during war.
    (Avoid other Cheating)

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